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Should supermarkets be closed on Sundays? (essay) - Czy supermarkety (sklepy) powinny być nieczynne w niedzielę? (rozprawka)


The law enacted by the Parliament which regards no trade on Sunday is still stirring emotions. People are divided into two groups – these who are against it and these who are in favour. The act that bans trading on Sundays tells distinctly that 'there are no reasons why the owners or other people working on a civil contract could not work in any retail outlet during holidays or on Sundays'.

The act was passed in October 2007 despite the protests of the owners of retail outlets and the workers themselves. The owners of supermarkets were bursting with indignation aptly deducing that the rush during the weekends is the most profitable one. During these two free days the majority of Poles would do their shopping. On Saturdays and Sundays it is scarcely possible to find a free parking place in front of any supermarket, and one is often made to wait for a free trolley. The weekend turnover is the highest in the whole week.

Closing the markets on Sundays and during holidays is tantamount to depriving the owners of huge profits. The next aspect that cannot be neglected is the impact on unemployment caused by trading prohibition on Sundays. Many workers are doing odd jobs on Sundays, and decrease in the amount of hours to work will result in decrease in general employment....

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