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A story about an accident on the road - Opowiadanie o wypadku drogowym

It was a beautiful but frosty morning. I left my warm, cosy room in order to walk my dog that was barking and whimpering at the same time for about an hour till I eventually decided to enter this land of cold chill that was awaiting me outside. As I had not been to the park for a pretty long period of time, I decided to see if nothing changed since I was there last time. I was whistling in a jolly way while approaching a bench on which I decided to rest for a while.

However short is the way to the park from my house it is led next to a busy road. I was coming closer and closer to the bench not thinking a lot about what was happening around me but rather daydreaming. Suddenly I heard a loud thud and a female voice to scream. I turned back nervously and a terrible sight met my eyes: an elderly women was lying on the road and just in front of her a car stood with its hood dented. My heart began to thud and I realized what had happened: the lady had knocked down by the car but what is more the accident occurred on a zebra crossing. I run to see if I could help in any way. The cars were standing still and everything seemed to come to a standstill. I bent over to lady to check whether she was breathing – hopefully she was. I shouted that she had been alive.

The driver left his car being now a little bit less pale than before. The police and an ambulance came astonishingly quick. The lady was carried on a stretcher to the ambulance and the ambulance left with its siren on. The police questioned the driver and witnesses. I did not see the whole event so I began to wander off in a slow manner. It might have been a usual morning like many others in my life but for this women it could have been the last morning of her live. I think she is alright now as I see her every now and than. However, she seems to be afraid of crossing the street and does it as rarely as it is only possible.

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