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My ideal life (description) - Moje wymarzone życie (opis)

I used to have a beautiful dream. It began just like the majority of my recent dreams. I attended the university, however I did not fear this time of any test or exam. I was dressed really elegantly and it was a briefcase that I was holding in my hand. It turned out that I was supposed to defend my thesis. I do not remember the defence itself but I left the room with a smile from ear to ear. I passed it as well as the rest of my acquaintances from the University so we decided to go to a pub to celebrate our success.

After coming back home, I lied down on the sofa to rest a little bit after such an exhausting a day. Suddenly my telephone rang. It was my chosen one who wanted to inform he defended his thesis as well. I was feeling happiness and I was proud both of him and of myself. He said also that he was proposed a good job so I came to him in order to congratulate him. We decided to have a dinner in a restaurant being so happy that things turned out so well. To my great surprise my boyfriend proposed to me and I even more delighted accepted his proposal. He asked me to move in to him. That was a great step towards maturity - I nodded speechlessly.

After a few days we had to move to other city where my fiancée was about to work. We were both excited and we fixed the formalities in a rush. Than my phone rang suddenly for the second time. I was made a proposal of a well-paid job in the city I was about to leave. I rejected the offer after a while. I did not know what to think about it… Such a chance but I had to reject it in order to be at my fiancée’s side. After we moved to the other city I began my search for a job. It turned out that there is a branch office of the firm that wanted to hire me.

I felt delighted and happy. I was healthy, my love was requited and I was offered the job of my dreams. When my father was about to  lead me to the altar, my alarm clock spoiled my ideal life and woke me up. I do hope my life will be as perfect as in my dream…

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