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Cloning - advantages and disadvantages (essay) - Klonowanie - zalety i wady (rozprawka)


Cloning is a process in which an ideal genetic copy of a given organism can be obtained. The first act of cloning took place in 1996 when the famous Dolly sheep was cloned. Till now many other animals have been cloned by transferring the chromosomes from the donor’s cell to the egg of the foster-mother.

As long as cloning utilized in research or used in order to retain endangered species is acceptable, cloning a cat for fun or even cloning of a human being is not. The other threat of cloning is the possibility of it being used by terrorists. It is theoretically possible to invent new kinds of lethal viruses and using them as biological weapon.

The main advantage, that is genetic therapy, is not free of drawbacks as well. By introducing a new gen in a wrong place one is likely to damage a properly working one and it can even lead to a cancer. Moreover, foreign virus vectors can be the reason why the organism would raise its immune defences. That was way Jesse Gelsinger died in 1999 after an experimental genetic therapy.

The next aspect of cloning is the possibility of utilizing it in the field of transplantation. One could raise genetically modified animal organs that would be suitable to be used as grafts. Many people would survive if they could receive...

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