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An E-mail to a famous person for an interview - E-mail do sławnej osoby z prośbą o wywiad

Dear Mr Bond,

I am your great fan from Poland. I have watched almost all films with you as the main hero. I am very impressed with your attitude towards infringement and anarchy. I really appreciate every move you make to fight delinquency.

I am a novice journalist and I would like to carry out an interview with you as an example to be followed by Polish policemen and other guardians of public order. I do think I am well prepared for asking you questions that have never been asked to you before so that it would not be a mundane duty for you to answer them, but a great pleasure. I know you must be besieged by other, maybe more professional journalists, however I do think it would be a nice a change if you answer some questions asked by a young adolescent with no flashes and without much publicity, which you must be tired of.

I can offer you sending the fields and issues that my questions will tackle so that you can be prepared. Even if have been answering dozens of questions for the recent few years I would like you to remain relaxed and not stressed by the thought: 'what will be the next question?'.

The problem is that you inhabit England whereas I come from Poland but I have found a solution to this problem. Maybe we could arrange a video-conference? I am capable of fixing it in London for you so that you will not have to bother yourself.

Should you be interested in my offer I am willing to provide you with further detailed information.
I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely,

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