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Description of a friend - Opis przyjaciela

A friend is the most important person. Thanks to him we do not feel lonely and worthless. Confidence in each other and honesty are the basis of a true friendship. There is even a saying: 'a friend in need is a friend indeed'. It is true as a real friendship survives centuries.

I have many friends but it is Kate who is the best friend of mine. I got to know her in the secondary school. She is a short, dainty brunette having long hair, green eyes and a smile from ear to ear. She has full lips, round cheeks and a fringe that makes her look thoughtful. She wears casual clothes; usually jeans and a T-shirt. Kate is really helpful. When I have any problem thanks to her it is solved in a minute. We are both intelligent and we complement each other. It is due to the fact that she is rather a humanist and I prefer science.

She is always sincere and cheerful, which makes people around her laugh. It is impossible for us to be bored when we are together. We have a dozen of common topic so we can enjoy talking for hours. I know that when I am depressed I can always call her and she will comfort me and she will have me back on my feet. She really enjoys shopping, swimming and playing computer. However, our common interest is travelling and music.

We differ a bit but is not a problem. I am a realist, whereas Kate is an optimist. Thanks to her I never give up, even in the most difficult situations. Our motto is 'friendship can last forever'. We obey it and we are happy with every moment we can spend together. Our friendship is based on mutual trust that is why we do not quarrel at all. We are not possessive or envious of each other’s successes. We can understand each other with no words so I do hope we will be friends for many years.

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