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A report for the school about its safety level - Raport dla szkoły o jej poziomie bezpieczeństwa

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From: XXX
To: John Smith
Date: 17th November 2009
Subject: Safety level of the school building


The aim of this report is to present all the factors being detrimental to the safety level of the school building. An expert was called by me so that it was not just opinion of an amateur that I am, however a survey regarding feeling of security was conducted by me among students as well.

Expert’s judgement:

The first negligence indicated by the expert regarded fire extinguishers that were past their sell-by date. No one would be capable of fighting any fire by utilizing this equipment. Further observations concerned the distribution centre of the central heating system. The pipes are too old and do not meet the requirements of legally binding norms. Instantaneous exchange of the heating system is more than advisable. Last but not least thing underlined by the expert was the state of the staircase. The steps are threadbare and slippery, which can easily become a reason of an accident e.g. breaking a leg or spraining one’s ankle. As rebuilding the staircase is a great expense you can install anti-skidding mats on the steps.

Survey results:

The students opinions regarded different aspects of safety at school. The most common problem indicated by your pupils was the fact that the school is not surrounded by any fence, which makes it available for drug dealers and other undesirable persons. Furthermore, the cloakroom is not secured enough to prevent thefts of coats and shoes. Consider hiring security guard.


Undertaking any measures to fix the problems mentioned above will certainly increase the safety level at school. Should you want to draw your own conclusions, I attach the survey questions accompanied with the answers as well as the expert’s opinion concerning the state of the building.

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