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What makes a good friend? - Jaki powinien być prawdziwy przyjaciel?

Friendship is as old as the world we are inhabiting. It binds people in a selfless manner. Your live becomes easier if you have a friend, one does not feel lonely anymore and there is always someone to rely on.

Literature along with our own life produce tangible and irrefutable evidence that a real friendship can give somebody’s life a meaning. However, friendship is a no mean feat. It demands a lot and we are supposed to meet these demands if we want to be a good friend and to be surrounded by them.

Adam Mickiewicz in his poem 'Przyjaciele' tells about false friendship. One of the heroes, Mieszko, ran into trouble. He is accompanied by his, one might think, best friend yet the very friend leaves him in this difficult situation alone, leaving him at the mercy of a bear. The message of the story is 'a friend in need is a friend indeed'.

The snag is however to be able to distinguish between false and real friends. Not only human beings can become friends for each other. Not for nothing a dog is said to be man’s best friend. This four-legged pet is selfless and faithful. There is an example of so heroic dog that laid down its life for his master in a book called 'O psie, który jeździł koleją'. It is a moving story that tells us a lot about a true friendship.

A real friend is a person with whom we share both our joys and sorrows. A friend would give advice to us and comfort us when needed. Only a real friend is able to rebuke us for something without hurting our feelings too.

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