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My favourite sport (description) - Mój ulubiony sport (opis)

I am rather a coach potato and do not practice to much sport, however there is one sports discipline I fall in love with the first time I did it – skiing.

I still can recall my very first time on tiny boards made of plastic. It was my mother who taught me how to ski and who gave me the hand while I was taking my first steps as a skier. We used to go the mountains during the winter break and I would ski there from dawn till dusk or till I was so exhausted I was not able to make a step.

Skiing is not only about schussing the gentle slopes but also about admiring breathtaking views and integrating with nature. One can easily get relaxed and forget about any problems that were left at the foot of a mountain. I still can remember being taught how to ski and now I can be a teacher as I become the instructor’s assistant and after the Matura exam I am going to reach the next level a become a rightfull and independent skiing instructor.

I have also a dream connected with skiing. I would love to conquer a summit of a high mountain and then go down on skis. What I really appreciate in this sport is the freedom it gives me and the freezing wind that lashes my face when I am dashing down the slope.

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