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Film review (with recommendation) - Recenzja filmu (z rekomendacją)


Have you ever been omnivorous after having watched a film? Probably yes although the films that are made nowadays are not as good as these directed even a few years ago. One of the masterpieces of Polish cinematography is the film called 'Symetria'. The main hero is twenty six years old man called Łukasz who is unjustly sentenced and who, being imprisoned, asks to be placed in a cell together with prisoners who kite. To his great surprise he discovers that in the world in which kiting prisoners live, there are clear rules to be obeyed and therefore he feels better in such a world.

'Symetria' is a true film where there is no place for artificiality. Niewolski (director), who himself spend half a year imprisoned, showed how living behind bars really looks like. Although this topic was trite and well worn he succeeded not to lapse in a cliché. 'Symetria' does not tell about how being in prison changes the man but about the fact that one can eventually decide about oneself. 'Łukasz realized that his live had been empty after he was sentenced and did his time' – these are the words of the director.

'Symetria' is a film that will not leave anyone indifferent due to the actors, who played their parts perfectly. Arkadiusz Detmer who played the main part did...

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