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What can you do for the environment? (essay) - Co możesz zrobić dla środowiska? (esej)


Nature nowadays is in serious trouble. If we do not change our attitude to protecting it we may soon not be able to benefit from its fruits. It is essential then that every single person feels responsible for the environment. It is not enough to count on world’s leaders, who are often not determined to stop our civilization from destroying the planet. Most of the political summits concerning the matter ended up in failure – the leaders could not reach agreement, which is essential to counteract the effects of the ongoing destruction.

Each of us can protect the environment on our own. Sometimes it is enough to put a little effort into our everyday activities and change inappropriate habits to be helpful. What can we do to make the situation better in our local area? How can we protect the environment in our towns and villages?

We can start from protecting the environment in general. The easiest way to contribute to our better future is to save energy. We ought to remember about turning off the light and the TV-set. Many of us leave their computers on while sleeping or in many other situations when it is simply not necessary. We should think about changing this bad habit. We need to think of how we use water as well. Unfortunately, a great number of people...

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