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  • Description of a painting - Opis obrazu

    'Landscape with the Fall of Icarus' is an oil painting created in the 16th century. It was probably painted by a Netherlandish Renaissance artist – Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The painting shows a beautiful rural landscape. In the foreground we can see a peasant plowing a field. The plow is pulled by a brown horse. The peasant is wearing a ... »

  • Description of a park - Opis parku

    In my town there is only one park but it is a very beautiful place. It a favourite place of many inhabitants of the town, especially mothers and their children. The park is located in the south of town, on Kościuszki street, opposite a bank. It is not a big park. It is square. On its perimeter there is a red fence made of metal that is quite ol... »

  • Description of a person I admire - Opis osoby, którą podziwiam

    Everyone knows a person they admire. An authority to follow their example. Usually it's a grandparent or the pope. Well, I'm different than the rest. The person I respect most is a surgeon I met during my summer practice as a medical student. Doctor Jacek is 40 years old and has a specialty in general surgery. He is tall and slim. He has blue e... »

  • Description of a photo - Opis zdjęcia

    This is my favourite photo. The people in it are my parents. They are hugging each other and smiling, posing to picture. My mother has a grey blouse and a jeans skirt on and my dad has a beige chequered shirt and brown shorts. Both of them have sunglasses on. Behind them there is a wonderful view of endless blue sea and cloudless sky. Also, the... »

  • Description of a place - Opis miejsca

    As I love the Italian cuisine, yesterday I went to the new Italian restaurant that has recently been opened in our town. The interior is spacious, nice and cosy in general. Walls are painted with warm shade of orange and the floor is made of stone. The light – filtered through red curtains hanging from a big window – also gives the f... »

  • Description of a profession (doctor) - Opis zawodu (lekarz)

    There is a wide variety of professions one can choose to perform to earn a living. One of the possibilities is becoming a doctor. But let's consider all the good and bad sides of selecting this career. First of all, this job can be highly rewarding. Seeing a patient getting better due to one's decisions boosts their self-esteem. The level of sa... »

  • Description of a restaurant - Opis restauracji

    My favourite restaurant is the 'Wild Oak' in Dartmouth. It is located downtown, near the Hilton hotel. Its building is an old tenement house; it has a lot of character. The front elevation is deep dark crimson with white floral decoration. The front door is made of ebony and smoked glass. As one steps inside, the first room they see is the hall ... »

  • Description of a seaside - Opis morza i plaży

    Have you ever been to a seaside? Do you know what it looks like? Let me take you on a short trip. First of all, let's choose a sea. My example will be Mediterranean Sea. Sunny Italy and its sandy shores will help me picture a sea view to you. Imagine golden, pleasantly warm, smooth sand laying all over, constituting the border between the land ... »

  • Description of a sport - Opis sportu

    Tennis was invented in the nineteenth century in England. It soon became a very popular pastime and spread to the United States and other countries. The first tennis club was founded in 1872, and the first tennis tournament took place in 1877 at Wimbledon, a place that is associated with tennis till this day. The rules of tennis haven’t c... »

  • Description of a teacher - Opis nauczyciela

    Not many teachers gain students' fondness. Trust and respect is something that you have to build gradually. Moreover, a teacher should be aware of the responsibility he undertakes, for the future of many young people depends on his abilities. At my school, there are many esteemed teachers, however there is one whom I really admire. My Polish te... »

  • Description of a trip - Opis wycieczki

    On the last Saturday of May my friends and I decided to go on a trip. We live in the Tatra Mountains so the destination was obvious – Giewont. This peak is over 1800 meters high and according to a legend it is supposed to be a sleeping knight. Well, the shape of the mount can actually give you such an idea. On Giewont, there is a 15 m stee... »

  • Description of a weekend. Why are weekends so fun? - Opis weekendu. Dlaczego weekendy są takie fajne?

    I like weekends a lot because I have a lot of free time then. I don’t usually get up before ten o’clock. After I get up and eat breakfast, I check my e-mail messages and visit Internet pages. I always start with news sites. I don’t watch news on television or read any newspapers but the Internet lets me learn about the current ... »

  • Description of a woman - Opis kobiety

    This is Sarah. She is 29 years old. She is tall and slim. Her hair is long and blonde. She has big blue eyes and a small nose. Her full lips are red. She also has a pair of delicate earrings. She wears glasses too. She has pale complexion. She wears a tight-fitting blue blouse and a black v-cut cardigan. She also has blue jeans on and black high... »

  • Description of an actor - Opis aktora

    In my opinion, the best Hollywood actor is Kevin Spacey. Kevin Spacey is an American actor. He comes from South Orange in New Jersey. He was born on the 26th of July 1959. He is 49 years old. He has a brother and a sister, both of whom are older. He is not married and does not have any children. He got interested in acting when he was in high s... »

  • Description of an adventure (winter holidays) - Opis przygody (ferie zimowe)

    A few years ago me, my sister, my dad and my mum went together on a winter holiday to Italy. We stayed at a cosy little hotel in a small ski resort. This was the highest situated resort in that area and the view from the top of the slope was just magnificent. I have never been on a winter holiday outside Poland so our stay there was really excit... »

  • Description of an ancient monument that has impressed you the most - Opis zabytku, który zrobił na tobie największe wrażenie

    The most impressive historic building I have ever seen was the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. It is a mausoleum built by Shah Jahan, the emperor, to commemorate his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Taj Mahal is built of white marble. The whole building is a mix of a couple of architectural styles, like Indian, Islamic and Persian. The main part of the building i... »

  • Description of an animal - description of a lion - Opis zwierzęcia - opis lwa

    A lion is a big, light-brown-furred cat living in Africa. A typical feature of a male lion is its thick, bushy mane around the head and neck. Lionesses (female lions) don't have such mane. Lion's body is huge, heavy and strong. Lions have big, sharp teeth and strong paws with sharp claws. They can run extremely fast, so they hunt for other anim... »

  • Description of an athlete - Opis sportowca

    Roger Federer is currently the best tennis player in the world. He was born in Switzerland. He has an interesting background. His father is Swiss, and his mother is South African. Federer has two citizenships: Swiss and South African and is a catholic. Roger is 28 years old. He is quite tall: one metre eighty six centimetres. He has short wavy d... »

  • Description of an extreme sport - Opis sportu ekstremalnego

    Extreme sports are some special sport disciplines that only a small number of people in the world participate in. The reason for this are the special conditions under which the sports are done. Extreme sports are much more dangerous than ordinary sports. They are done in extreme conditions, for example in places that are remote and inaccessible,... »

  • Description of an invention – Opis wynalazku

    Mobile phone is an invention without which many people today cannot imagine living. It was developed in the 1970s in the United States. First mobile phones were big and heavy and as they were very expensive, only a small number of people could afford them. In order to operate, the device needs a cellular network owned by mobile network operators... »

  • Description of an item - Opis przedmiotu

    There are plenty of things lying or standing on my desk right now. My favourite one is my mug, though. It is of a regular size, about 12 cm high and has a diameter of about 6 cm. It has thick walls and therefore it weighs quite a lot for a mug. Its shape is cylindrical and it has a holder on its side. This mug is made of clay. It has been paint... »

  • Description of autumn - Opis jesieni

    Autumn begins on 23rd September  and ends on 22nd December. After springtime comes a time of rainy weather. The first month of autumn is usually nice and sunny. Although the sun is not as strong as in the summer, it is still pleasantly warm outside. Days are getting shorter and the sun rises later. There are more cloudy and drizzly days. T... »

  • Description of Big Ben - Opis Big Bena

    The name 'Big Ben' is actually the name of the bell in the Clock Tower in London, but it is commonly referred to both the bell and the tower itself. Big Ben is the clock tower of Palace of Westminster in London. The tower is about ninety-three metres height and quadrilateral, with clock face on each side, fixed on the upper part of it. It is ma... »

  • Description of birthday - Opis urodzin

    It was late March and my 18th birthday was just a matter of days. I decided to throw a party on this occasion. I invited my friends, booked a club, ordered food, drinks and champagne and asked my brother to be the DJ. Before the party I decided to decorate the club my way. I brought balloons and serpentines to put just below the ceiling. I had s... »

  • Description of Christmas customs - Opis bożonarodzeniowych obyczajów

    For many people around the world Christmas is the most important holiday in the whole year. It is primarily a Christian holiday but currently it is celebrated by many people in the secular form. Christmas traditionally take place in the end of December but Christmas preparations begin much earlier. There are many customs connected with the holid... »

  • Description of Cracow - Opis Krakowa

    Cracow is Poland's second largest city. It is also one of the oldest cities of the country, as it dates back to seventh century, and a popular tourist destination. It used to be the capital of Poland and the residence of Polish kings. The city is divided into 18 districts, of which the most famous are the Old Town, Nowa Huta and Kazimierz. Archi... »

  • Description of dream winter break - Opis wymarzonych ferii

    I haven't had a perfect winter break yet. Let me describe my dreams now. My ideal break would last at least three weeks. During that time I would go on a snowboarding camp. There I would snowboard a lot. I would also meet many new people and have a fun with them. When we would be tired of skiing or snowboarding we would go and walk around the s... »

  • Description of Easter - Opis Wielkanocy

    Easter is an important holiday for my family. For this special time all family members meet, even if they live in different parts of the country. During Easter holidays we can all get together and spend a lot of time with relatives that we don’t see often. A few days before Easter the preparations start. The most important thing are Easte... »

  • Description of Halloween - Opis Halloween

    Halloween is one of the best-known American traditions. In recent years it is becoming more and more popular in the countries outside the United States and Great Britain where the holiday comes from. Halloween takes place on the 31st of October, the day before All Saints’ Day, to which it is related. It’s roots can also be traced to... »

  • Description of illness - Opis choroby

    Being ill is a very unpleasant experience. When you are ill you may feel bad in many ways. Headache is an acute pain in you head. It can have many causes. It can be a symptom of a flu, for example. It can also have some very serious causes, for example a tumour in your brain. For this reason you should see a doctor if your headache doesn’t... »

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