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  • Dangerous accidents: compare and contrast. Description of a picture - Niebezpieczne wypadki: zestaw i porównaj. Opis obrazka

    Exemplary answer: In the first picture, I can see four fire fighters extinguishing a yellow car. The vehicle has been destroyed. A horrible crash must have taken place there. The fire fighters are wearing their uniforms and special equipment to protect them from fire, smoke and gas. There are a few paramedics in the distance, therefore I can as... »

  • Day at school. A description of lessons - Dzień w szkole. Opis lekcji

    My day at school starts at eight o’clock everyday. It is a very busy time at school as a lot of students come there at the same time. First I go to the locker room. In my school, every student has his or her own locker and a key to this locker. There I can leave my coat and change my shoes. I have to do this because students mustn’t ... »

  • Degradation of the natural environment - description of a place that is particularly endangered (Upper Silesia) - Degradacja środowiska naturalnego - opis miejsca szczególnie zagrożonego (Górny Śląsk)

    The ongoing industrial progress. It happens every day. Has anyone ever considered how it affects the environment? Due to it many unique regions are harmed and destroyed. Let's focus on the most endangered one in Poland – the Upper Silesian industrial district. First of all the causes of the damage should be found. In Silesia the most dest... »

  • Describe 5 places you would like to visit - Opisz 5 miejsc, które chciałbyś odwiedzić

    Travelling has become easier than ever before. Nowadays you don’t have to spend months on your way to a destination place. Oceans are not serious obstacles anymore. Travelling by plane one can reach almost every corner of the world. Therefore, contrary to our grandparents, we can make our dreams come true and head for places we always want... »

  • Describe your favourite actor - Opisz swojego ulubionego aktora

    William Bradley 'Brad' Pitt was born on 18 December 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, but he grew up in Springfield, Missouri, where his family moved after his birth. In 1980’s, after finishing high school, he enrolled in the University of Missouri, where he studied journalism. However, he didn’t get a degree – only two weeks before ... »

  • Describe your ideal house - Opisz swój wymarzony dom

    Our house plays a very important role in our life. We spend the majority of our free time there. The most of events which are significant for the whole family also take place in the house. Even though it is just a building lots of people have some special feelings about it. In spite of them it happens that we dream of our ideal house – mor... »

  • Description of a bathroom - Opis łazienki

    The strangest bathroom I have ever seen belongs to my cousin. Some people like to have bright bathrooms, others like to have cosy ones. There are also people who value simplicity. For my cousin the most important thing is to enjoy the time he spends in this place. His bathroom must be a place where you'd like to stay for longer. It can’t b... »

  • Description of a bedroom - Opis sypialni

    My bedroom is an ordinary room. It doesn’t look unusual. It is not very big and the equipment is not new. However, it is a place were I like to spend most of my free time. My bedroom is located on the first floor, between my sister's room and the bathroom. It is a small room with a big, south facing window. Its walls are covered with brig... »

  • Description of a board game - Opis gry planszowej

    Scrabble is probably the second best-known board game in the world, right after chess. Since it’s invention it has found millions of lovers all around the globe. Currently, it is played in 21 languages in more than 120 countries. Scrabble is a phenomenon. The birth of the game can be traced to 1948. In that year Scrabble was created by Al... »

  • Description of a building - Opis budynku

    The most beautiful building in Poland is the Royal Castle on the Wawel Hill in Cracow. It is located by the river Vistula. It is a renaissance two-storey building with four wings and five towers. It has a magnificent entrance gate as well. Its walls are made out of bricks and have a plaster covering. The castle's four wings are connected and th... »

  • Description of a character - Harry Potter - Opis bohatera książkowego - Harry Potter

    The book character that I like and would like to describe is Harry Potter, the main character from the series of books by a British writer J.K. Rowling. The series consists of seven books. In the first book of the 'Harry Potter' series Harry is eleven years old. In every successive book he is one year older and in the last book he is eighteen. ... »

  • Description of a dream garden - imagine that you are an architect, your task is to design a fantasy garden - Opis wymarzonego ogrodu - wyobraź sobie, że jesteś architektem, masz za zadanie zaprojektować baśniowy ogród

    This garden is a place made especially for the children. It is a place so pleasant and beautiful that everyone loves to spend time there. The garden is full of flowers. There are lots of rosebushes. The roses are planted in the way that the bushes form the letters of the English alphabet. Each letter has its own colour. All in all, there are 26... »

  • Description of a dream room - Opis wymarzonego pokoju

    The room of my dreams would be big, much bigger than my current room. The floor would be wooden, partially covered with a dark red carpet. The room would be divided into two parts. The first one would be dim and dark. In the corner there would be a fireplace and a big, comfortable armchair. Near the armchair would stand a standard lamp. It would... »

  • Description of a dream. My dream - Opis snu. Mój sen

    I had a dream.  It was very realistic and, at the same time, strange. As usually on Monday morning I woke up and realized that I was late for school. I jumped out of my bed, quickly brushed my teeth, ate a light breakfast, packed my bag and left home. It was too late to go by bus, so I had to go on foot. I ran almost the whole way to school... »

  • Description of a favourite actress - Opis ulubionej aktorki

    I love watching good films. I admire people appearing on the screen and I appreciate their work. There are many great actors but I like one most. It is Jodie Foster. She is a 47 years old American. She's of the average height. She is slim, has auburn hair, blue eyes and a pretty face. She has played in many films and for her excellent work she ... »

  • Description of a favourite place - Opis ulubionego miejsca

    Most of us have visited a number of places in their lives. Most likely, they have chosen one they liked most. So have I. My favourite place in the world is the beach by Lake Ouluvesi in Ahtari, Finland. First of all, Finland is a country located in North East part of Europe, west to Russia. And Ahtari is a small town in the middle West of the c... »

  • Description of a favourite season - Opis ulubionej pory roku

    Summer is the season I love the most. I like autumn for the colours of the leaves, and I like spring because of the beautiful flowers. However, sunny summer days are the most enjoyable days in the whole year for me. Summer starts in June, when the weather is nice and warm. The temperature is steady. The sun rises earlier than in winter, so the ... »

  • Description of a film character - Michael Corleone – Opis bohatera filmowego - Michael Corleone

    Michael Corleone is the main character of the American film called 'The Godfather'. The role of this character is played by Al Pacino. The film, which was made in 1972, was directed by a renowned American director Francis Ford Coppola and is one of the most well-known and awarded film in the history of American and world cinema. It is a film ada... »

  • Description of a film character - Opis bohatera filmowego

    My favourite film character is Prot, the main character of Iain Softley's film „K-PAX”, performed by Kevin Spacey. Prot is a patient of a mental hospital who claims to be a visitor from a far away planet called K-PAX. What's strange, his unusual abilities seem to confirm it, like for example oversensitivity to sunlight (the reason wh... »

  • Description of a foreign tradition - Opis zagranicznej tradycji

    Halloween is a holiday celebrated on 31st of October. It derives from Christian holiday of All Saints, but it has become simply an opportunity to have fun. However, it is a fun in a scary atmosphere. First of all, on Halloween one can see lots of people in disguise. They were costumes of scary creatures – like ghosts, vampires, monsters e... »

  • Description of a friend - Opis przyjaciela

    A friend is the most important person. Thanks to him we do not feel lonely and worthless. Confidence in each other and honesty are the basis of a true friendship. There is even a saying: 'a friend in need is a friend indeed'. It is true as a real friendship survives centuries. I have many friends but it is Kate who is the best friend of mine. I... »

  • Description of a historic monument - Opis zabytku

    A few years ago my parents sent me on a language camp to England so that I would spend my summer holiday in some useful way and not just lying around doing nothing. I thought it was an interesting idea. I would practice my language skills and at the same time visit a foreign country and meet some people from abroad. During the camp, there were ... »

  • Description of a job - Opis zawodu

    One of possible career choices is to become a teacher. This is a job for those who feel they need to be an educator. A tutor has several duties and responsibilities. To start with, one of those is passing the knowledge on to the students. This may be very difficult at times as not many pupils are likely to cooperate. Secondly, the teacher is in... »

  • Description of a journey - my most interesting journey - Opis podróży - moja najciekawsza podróż

    My most interesting travelling experience has taken place when I was twelve years old and set out on a holiday with my family. We were going for two weeks to Majorca. It is a small Spanish island on the Mediterranean Sea. Why was it so interesting and exciting? We were travelling there on a plane and I had never been to an airport or flew on boa... »

  • Description of a landscape - Opis krajobrazu

    The view from the hotel window is breathtaking. The hotel is located on a hill, near a big river. Apart from the hotel and the restaurant, there are not many other buildings in the vicinity. It is a beautiful, wild place. In the foreground you can see the garden of the hotel. There is a well trimmed lawn surrounded by a low boxwood hedge. A sto... »

  • Description of a living room - Opis salonu

    This is Joanna's living room. It is the biggest room in her flat. One wall has windows and door leading to a big balcony. The room is painted in light orange. The floorboards are made of pear tree wood that has a nice, warm shade. There is a brownish carpet with an abstractive pattern in the middle of the room. Joanna has fitted her living room ... »

  • Description of a man - Opis mężczyzny

    This is Joe. He is 17 years old and he's a student of a local high school. He is very tall and thin. He has short black hair. His eyes are blue and attention-grabbing. His pale complexion is ruined by acne. He also wears a pair of glasses. He has thin lips and relatively big ears. He wears a dark blue loose-fitting t-shirt and a grey sweatshirt.... »

  • Description of a monster - Opis potwora

    The most horrifying monster I have ever seen is an alien from the film entitled „Alien”. It is a really tall creature (over two metres of height). It has four limbs and moves on the lower ones, just like a human, but it can also climb, walk on walls and ceilings and swim. It has a long, blade-tipped tail too. Alien's skin is black an... »

  • Description of a neglected place that could become a tourist attraction - Opis zaniedbanego miejsca, które mogłoby stać się atrakcją turystyczną

    I'm sure you know a place in your neighbourhood that could be a tourist attraction if only someone told the rest of the world it exists. To me such place is the Blue Springs Park in Tomaszow Mazowiecki. It is located away from the crowded town centre and thus the road leading to it is free of traffic. Opposite to the entrance there is an intere... »

  • Description of a New Year's Eve party - Opis sylwestra

    The last day of the year. The thirty-first day of December. For ages it has been a mysterious day and night. Changing the date in calendar – beginning of the new year has always been a significant event. These days it is an opportunity to have some fun with friends and celebrate the coming of a new year with a big party. The party can be h... »

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