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Język angielski - strona 3

  • A description of your dream school - Opis twojej wymarzonej szkoły

    It is a really difficult topic to tackle what actually should an ideal school look like. Everybody knows that there is nothing perfect around us but everyone knows exactly well that people got used over the ages to make things as ideal as it is only possible. An ideal school is the more hard to define that it is something that is not really like... »

  • A description of your favourite city - Opis twojego ulubionego miasta

    Although I have travelled quite a lot and although I have been to many places, I am really not capable of choosing just one place on the planet that could be described as my favourite one and if I were to choose just one, it certainly wouldn't be a city. There are far better places to live, or to spend one’s free time. However, being made ... »

  • A description of your pet - Opis twojego zwierzątka

    My dog is called Amica. It is a beautiful two years old bitch. We got her in a very unusual way. I have always dreamed about having a dog, however my parents were not very pleased with this idea. They stated I will not take care of her and that I will neglect my duties so that they will become responsible for the dog. When I was thirteen, on my... »

  • A diary fragment - Fragment z pamiętnika

    Dear Diary, It's been a wonderful day today. I didn’t expect it all to go that way. At school we were given the results of the test in Maths. I knew I would pass but I was totally surprised when I learnt I got the highest score in class! 100% correct answers! It's so great! I'm so proud of myself. Later on during English classes I learnt... »

  • A film review - Recenzja filmu

    Pedro Almodovar is a world-famous director. His movies are mostly well received by critics and the audience alike. He is valued for his sensitivity and the ability to present controversial issues in an inimitable way. Therefore every time I am about to watch his films I expect that it will be a masterpiece – just like 'Volver' or 'Todo sob... »

  • A formal invitation to a party - Zaproszenie na przyjęcie (formalne)

    Dear Mr. Smith, I would hereby like to invite you to the goodbye party for Mr. John Simpkins our company is organising. The event is due to take place on Saturday, June 20th in the restaurant of the Hilton Hotel in New York, La Fayette Street 17. The formal part should begin at 7 pm. We would appreciate appropriate clothes, which means that fo... »

  • A formal letter to a school arranging a course in English - List do szkoły organizującej kurs języka angielskiego (list formalny)

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you in order to obtain explanation of my doubts about applying for the summer course in English in Plymouth your school is offering. First of all, I would like to state that I am 19 years old and I come from Poland. I have been learning English for 9 years now and have passed the First Certificate in English exa... »

  • A ghost story - Opowiadanie o duchach

    It was the first time we were about to visit the cemetery at night. We left my house at 2 a. m. and went along a narrow path. There was almost no moonlight. Even though it was much darker than we’d expected, nobody made any complaint –  nobody wanted to be regarded as a coward. I went first. I was the oldest one but that was no... »

  • A great fortune is a great slavery (essay) - Duży majątek oznacza duże zniewolenie (rozprawka)

    Do you know any person who claims that would not like to be rich? Even if there are such people, I suppose that there is one thing you can agree about – these are exceptions. Most of those who surround me aim to earn as much money as it is only possible and state that fortune is as desirable as good health and almost equals happiness. Whil... »

  • A guidebook around Cracow (excerpt) – Przewodnik po Krakowie (fragment)

    Why should I go? One can say Cracow is as cute as a summer postcard and as complex as a stamp. Its wonders are best explored on foot. You may stand in awe having reached the beautiful Renaissance old town, livery market square, elegant castle and golden cathedrals. Crammed with atmospheric churches and museums, Poland's cultural capital is a le... »