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  • A dangerous adventure (story) - Niebezpieczna przygoda (opowiadanie)

    One year ago me and my family went on a skiing holiday to Austria. We stayed at a tiny Austrian town where there was not much more that hotels and skilifts. Together with us, there were two of my friends with their families as well. Each day we would eat breakfast and go skiing for a few hours, until we were tired. I had a really good time. In t... »

  • A day of celebrity's life (description) - Dzień z życia gwiazdy (opis)

    What do you usually do during the whole day? Probably you wash your teeth, have breakfast and then go to school or to work. When you have already finished your classes, you have a supper, watch some movies or meet friends and on having done your homework, you fall asleep? Do you think that your daily routine is boring? That famous people make mo... »

  • A day of my childhood (story) - Dzień z mojego dzieciństwa (opowiadanie)

    I was a six-year-old boy at that time. I could barely write or read anything. My four-year-old brother wasn’t capable of doing even that. We spent most of our time playing football. Our father was a professional football player at that time and it was understandable that his sons were going to play football too. Even though we used to pla... »

  • A description of a day at school - Opis dnia w szkole

    On Monday I begin my classes at 8 AM. I get to school by bus. I wait for my friend near the bus stop and we go together to the school. My first lesson is geography. I like it very much, however, I find it difficult to concentrate at such an early hour of the day. I am still very sleepy. Usually we read a fragment from the textbook, then we talk ... »

  • A description of a game - Opis gry

    Hopscotch is a typical girly hopping game. It may be played both inside and outside. There are numerous ways in which the diagram used in the game can be drawn. To draw the hopscotch pattern use some chalk or a tape. One needs to create a diagram with eight numbered sections. Each player has to have a marker (a stone, shell, bottle cap, coin etc... »

  • A description of a holiday celebrated in Poland - Opis święta obchodzonego w Polsce

    Christmas is said to be the second most important holiday just after Easter. However, it is Christmas that is regarded as being the most special and unique day by the majority of Poles. Christmas is an annual holiday and is celebrated on 25th December. There is always a four weeks long period of time before the holiday which is used for preparat... »

  • A description of Christmas in Poland - Opis Świąt Bożego Narodzenia w Polsce

    This is one of the most important holidays for the Roman Catholic Church members. It is highly awaited, especially by children. Probably there are no other holidays involving as many customs as Christmas. Even though we celebrate it on 25th December, the most important celebrations take place the preceding day. It is called 'Christmas Eve'. As ... »

  • A description of my house - Opis mojego domu

    I live in a big city, however not in the city centre but almost on the outskirts. Although it is in the suburbs I still live in a block of flats. It is not a skyscraper but 5 floors is still high enough to have a fairly good view through the window assuming you live on the last floor just like me. The apartment of our family is not too large but... »

  • A description of personality - Opis charakteru

    This is Jack. He is a third year medical student. His studies have made him hardworking and ambitious. He is intelligent and clever. He has an analytic way of thinking. He is a cheerful and talkative boy. His patients will surely find him to their liking as he is charming, optimistic and kind. His mates describe him as a well-mannered, friendly... »

  • A description of your city - Opis twojego miasta

    I live in a big city, at least as the size of other Polish cities is concerned. Lodz is an industrial city in the centre of Poland. It is a place of contrasts. On one hand it can be regarded as a filthy, smelly village with no real monuments but on the other hand if you know it well enough you will come to a conclusion that its specific climate,... »