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A letter to an English friend about a fascinating trip - List do przyjaciela z Anglii o fascynującej wycieczce

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Dear Karen,

Thanks for your last letter. I couldn’t reply earlier, because I was absent – I went on holiday to the seaside.

Along with my classmates I had decided to have a rest and we chose Polish seaside as our holiday destination. We hadn’t booked any rooms in advance. We simply went there and had to find something on our own. We were lucky since we ran into my friend who lived in Mielno and had a few vacancies at that time.

For the next ten days I had the time of my life. I had never been so relaxed. We lay at the beach for so long that we almost got sunburnt. Furthermore, at night, we turned into kings of  a nearby disco. Some people say that Polish seaside is not entertaining but that’s not the case at all.

I had so many ultimate experiences during our stay that I could talk about them for hours.        We were hitchhiking along the cost, took up bungee jumping and kite-surfing and last but not least participated in a 'Strong men' competition. As you may presume  none of us won the first prize but it was the funniest thing that I had experienced since I acted Ofelia in a school play.

I promise that I’ll send you some photos. If you want you may watch a selection of them even now, because I’ve published a few on Facebook. Hope to see you soon.


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