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Theory of evolution or religion? (essay) - Teoria ewolucji czy religia? (rozprawka)

Some groups of people are interested in the origins of a human, especially creationists seem not to realize that there exist other possibilities of interaction between science and religion except for creationism and materialistic theory of evolution.

Neither creationism, nor theory of evolution are in conformity with the doctrine of Christianity. They are not in accordance with methodology of science as well. Theory of evolution assumes that only material objects exist and that these are the laws of nature which direct their development. Such an approach excludes non-material objects. The reality becomes one dimensional only – material. It is not needed to explain why such an attitude is contrary to what the church teaches. What is important, it is also contrary with the methodology of science, as science does not allow to state about other objects than phenomena. Naturalism (materialism) is of course a correct attitude as far as methodology of science is concerned. However, stating about existence or nonexistence of nonmaterial reality falls outside competence of science.

Creationism theories defy the scientific research concerning evolutional processes. It is a fundamentalist movement searching for the answers to scientific questions in the Bible, which results in mixing up the order of cognition. The science is to be opened for any explanations of phenomena: both naturalistic and non-naturalistic. Such an attitude heralds a near end of the science as diligent research becomes unnecessary. One can always use the conception of the God to explain things one is not yet capable of explaining. This is where the need of investigation ends.

Both materialistic version of theory of evolution and creationism go beyond the order of cognition, which makes it even more difficult to find some agreement regarding science and faith. This is science that encroaches upon the field where scientific methodology becomes useless in the first case. As far as the second case is concerned these are the representatives of creationism who want to comment on topics which can be easily explained scientifically, and not by interpreting the words being conveyed by the Holy Bible.

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