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Describe 5 places you would like to visit - Opisz 5 miejsc, które chciałbyś odwiedzić


Travelling has become easier than ever before. Nowadays you don’t have to spend months on your way to a destination place. Oceans are not serious obstacles anymore. Travelling by plane one can reach almost every corner of the world. Therefore, contrary to our grandparents, we can make our dreams come true and head for places we always wanted to visit. Thanks to planes and tickets that are becoming cheaper and cheaper every year, the whole world is within our reach now.

Apart from those who prefer to stay at home and are reluctant to set forth, most of the people would like to hit the road from time to time. They want to visit new places, meet extraordinary people and get to know how life looks like somewhere else – mostly out of curiosity. I am quite sure that the vast majority of them, if asked, would not have to think long in order to point out their most desirable destinations. Nor would I.

If I were given a map, I would show five such places immediately. The only question would be, where to go first... These are the ones: Rome, New York, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro and Serengeti National Park.

I can imagine that I have earned enough money and I can hit the road any time. I would probably get on a Rome-bound plane to visit one of the oldest...

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