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Describe 5 places you would like to visit - Opisz 5 miejsc, które chciałbyś odwiedzić

Travelling has become easier than ever before. Nowadays you don’t have to spend months on your way to a destination place. Oceans are not serious obstacles anymore. Travelling by plane one can reach almost every corner of the world. Therefore, contrary to our grandparents, we can make our dreams come true and head for places we always wanted to visit. Thanks to planes and tickets that are becoming cheaper and cheaper every year, the whole world is within our reach now.

Apart from those who prefer to stay at home and are reluctant to set forth, most of the people would like to hit the road from time to time. They want to visit new places, meet extraordinary people and get to know how life looks like somewhere else – mostly out of curiosity. I am quite sure that the vast majority of them, if asked, would not have to think long in order to point out their most desirable destinations. Nor would I.

If I were given a map, I would show five such places immediately. The only question would be, where to go first... These are the ones: Rome, New York, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro and Serengeti National Park.

I can imagine that I have earned enough money and I can hit the road any time. I would probably get on a Rome-bound plane to visit one of the oldest and the most amazing cities in the world. Having already reached it one may have doubts where to start doing the sightseeing. It is impossible to see everything in Rome that is worth it. Famous squares, churches, museums and palaces are spread all around the city and lots of time is needed to visit all of them.

Because of that I would have to pick out only the most marvellous and enchanting ones. Undoubtedly Colosseum would be one of them. The most amazing remnant of the Roman Empire still astonishes tourists. Once the arena of gladiators’ fights now seems to be the link between ancient times and present ones. 

Exploring Rome I could not miss Vatican City. This is the smallest country in the world but everything there is absolutely breathtaking. St. Peter’s Square and St. Peter’s Cathedral are landmarks which almost everybody has heard of. So is the Sistine Chapel, the best known chapel in pope’s residence, frescoed by the greatest Renaissance artists Michelangelo Raphael, Bernini and Boticelli. I should also mention about the Vatican Museums – widely considered to be among the best museums in the world, display works from the impressive collection built up by the Roman Catholic Church throughout centuries.

If I still have enough time to admire other landmarks I should not omit such wonderful ones as The Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps – the longest and the widest staircase in Europe.

These is only a tiny part of Rome’s attractions. One page is not enough even to enumerate them. Thus it seems highly improbable to see them all while on a trip. Especially considering the fact that there are at least four other places I would like to reach.

One of them is definitely New York – probably the most famous city in the world. Located on a large natural harbour New York City (called so to differentiate it from the state of New York) is extremely picturesque. In every second or third American film we can see its breathtaking panorama with the Statue of Liberty standing at the gates of the American continent. There are skyscrapers in almost every corner of the world nowadays, but we would not mistake this view for any other. Even without the WTC towers, it is still very impressive.
As I have already said the action of numerous movies takes place in the most populous American city. My favourite ones are those directed by Woody Allen who still lives in New York and works there. If I happen to visit New York I will certainly head for Central Park. Sitting on a bench or walking along its alleys I may meet my favourite director who claims that he can be seen there every day.

This is only one of all the magical places that you may visit during your stay in New York. Many others are as famous as the park – for example Carnegie Hall or Madison Square Garden, not to mention Times Square and the Broadway Theatre District. You may admire them all day long wandering through Manhattan. Even at night because like in Frank Sinatra’s song - this is a city that never sleeps.

However if you look carefully at the map you will find more cities whose residents do not ever seem to be sleepy. Among them there is Rio de Janeiro – probably the most popular destination of all the tourists heading for South America. All of them are being welcomed by the world – famous monument of Jesus Christ. With his arms wide open, he may symbolize the openness of city’s residents.

This is the first thing that crosses my mind while thinking about Rio. Unless its inhabitants were not so outgoing they probably could not organize the biggest carnival in the world. The enterprise undertaken every year is a great show during which Brazilian samba schools present their unique skills. There is no other show on Earth which could be compared to it.

Although Rio is associated mainly with the carnival it has much more to offer. Kilometres of sandy beaches (like Copacabana) will satisfy even the most demanding tourists. Meanwhile, tremendous peaks like Sugarloaf Mountain will certainly catch attention of those who are fond of wild nature.

As far as wild nature is concerned there is no better continent to observe it than Africa. Therefore, the fourth of my hypothetical destinations is Serengeti National Park where your wildest dreams may come true.

Situated north western Tanzania, the park covers thousands of kilometres of savannas and forests. Along with Yellowstone National Park in the United States, this is probably the most recognized national park in the world. Undoubtedly its fame is due to its inhabitants – millions of animals. Many of them migrate twice a year in search for food. This semi-annual occurrence is the largest and the longest overland migration on our planet. I suppose that I am not the only person who would love to witness that.

Beyond any doubt Serengeti is a kind of a miracle. The other kind of a miracle may be encountered in Barcelona – the fifth of my favourite places. The miracle I have in mind is Sagrada Familia – an incredible church designed by Gaudi. Standing in front of it one has an unparalleled opportunity to observe a real architectural masterpiece.

In Barcelona we can find more examples of Gaudi’s talent. These are especially Park Guell, Casa Mila and Casa Vicens – all proclaimed World Heritage Sites. All of them are unique, there is something else that makes me think of Barcelona as a special city, though. The place I am talking about is Nou Camp – a legendary stadium of the best football team, FC Barcelona. I still hope that I will have the opportunity to visit this magical place.

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