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Me about myself (description) - Ja o sobie samym (opis)

My name is Tomasz and I am 16 years old. I am neither tall, nor short. My 172 cm of height are just perfect as I do not have to bend down as I pass the door, nor do I have to jump if I want to see the noticeboard at school. My face is oval in shape and it is rather chubby what makes me look even younger. My eyes are bluish and certainly do not attract to much attention in contrast to my huge, red glasses and my hooked nose. Lots of people say that I am whiter than white, but every time I look in the mirror I can see a rather pink face with a smile from ear to ear.

I am a very sociable boy who spends his free time in the circle of his friend rather than in front of the screen. What draws people to me is my optimism and sense of humour. I can make everyone laugh in a minute thanks to these two personality traits. But I do have also many faults and the worst of them is my impatience, which makes, especially my teachers, hit the roof.

My hobby is skiing. Although I live at the seaside I love the Tatra mountains and try to go there during every winter break. I would like to become an instructor one time because I think I would be a great teacher who would not only teach how to ski but also how to become an optimist who can make the most of life.

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