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A letter about your healthy way of life - List o twoim sposobie na zdrowe życie

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Dear Martin,

I can not stand your complaining about your physical condition and health problems so the topic I will tackle in this letter concerns my healthy lifestyle and the way I live in order to keep fit. I do hope you will make use of the hints I want to give you.

First of all you have to free yourself from all the addictions. Become a teetotaller in the full scope of what this word means. Quit smoking and drinking coffee. There are more healthy addictions like chewing gum for example but you cannot poison your organism any longer!

Think about what and when are you eating. A good, diversified diet is not everything. The time you eat is of equal importance! Remember about nutritious breakfast that’s aim is to provide your energy for the toughest part of the day when your organism is not fully woken up. Do take a second breakfast to work! Should you say that you do not have time to prepare it in the morning it is not a good enough excuse for me. Make it in the evening on the previous day, or let it be a simple fruit. Try to eat small portions but more often rather than one huge a day. As far as I am concerned your eating habits included eating sweets just an hour before going to bed. Give it up. You may eat sweets but not so late at night!


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