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Abortion - for or against? (essay) - Aborcja - za czy przeciw? (rozprawka)


Abortion is being defined as 'the deliberate ending of a pregnancy at an early stage'. Should it be prohibited or should women be allowed to decide if they want to have such an operation? In many countries, including Poland, this issue is under discussion most of the time. Both sides of this dispute try to convince their opponents, with no visible effect, though. In some people’s opinion, abortion should never be taken into consideration. In contrast, there is a group of those, who think that women should have the right to decide regardless of circumstances. According to the most popular approach, the answer should depend on some significant aspects.

The problem is complex and therefore, as always in such situations, those who are in favour and those who are against can present powerful arguments. There are various reasons for which we could support both sides and the main problem is to decide, which right is more important – the right to live or the right to decide about your own life. As we can see, this is not an example of a situation, in which we can make a clear division between something that is good and something regarded as evil. As a result, if we want to present our own opinion on the matter, it would be reasonable to familiarize with both sides’...

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