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When people live far away from each other their friendship dies (essay) - Kiedy ludzie mieszkają daleko od siebie, ich przyjaźń się kończy (esej)


What is essential in friendship? What causes that we make friends with certain people and why do some friendships die? It is commonly thought that we search for persons who are similar to us. We spend our free time with those who share the same beliefs and take interest in the same things as we do. It takes time, though, till we can call somebody a friend. We may accompany each other, but we can still be only acquaintances.

One needs to experience many different situations to know, if a bond that is between certain two people can be regarded as friendship. Only when you are sure that you can count on the other person and that you can fully trust them, you know that this is not a casual relationship. In friendship there is undoubtedly a very strong feeling involved or maybe even a mix of them. Thus, it may seem that real friendship should last forever. How does it look in reality? What about a situation when friends have to live far away from each other? Does it affect the relationship? Does their friendship die?

It can be easily proven that our bonds mostly loosen when we spend our lives in different places, distant cities or countries. Many students have such experiences. Almost everybody has a friend or two while attending secondary school. On living their home...

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