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Advantages and disadvantages of being famous (essay) - Wady i zalety bycia sławnym (rozprawka)


Almost everybody would like to be famous. It is commonly thought that extremely popular people do not have to face any problems and lead careless lives. We can watch them on the news, we can see their photos in the newspapers and wish we could be them – rich, talented and admired. Yes, we are jealous because we would like everybody’s attention to be focused on us. It seems that we can see only positive aspects of being famous. Are there really no disadvantages of being one?

Certainly I can imagine that sometimes it may be convenient. There are not only drawbacks of being famous. First of all, such people are mostly rich or very rich. Sometimes they can be given a substantial sum of money simply for doing 'nothing'. This means that for example newspapers are willing to pay really much for wedding pictures or photos of a superstars' newborn child. What is more they are often being paid for interviews or for their presence at an event. Thus it is enough to breathe and smile to earn more during one day than an average worker throughout the month.

Moreover, if famous one will be invited to the best parties in the most expensive and prestigious clubs. Beyond any doubt such person’s nightlife is far more exciting than usually. First of all they visit...

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