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Język angielski - strona 9

  • A souvenir - description of a thing - Pamiątka - opis rzeczy

    The thing I am very attached to is a silver ring. It is just a simple ring with a simple ornament engraved in it. I do not wear it on my finger, but I wear it hung on a silver chain on my neck. I just think that it is more safe, when I wear it like that, and because I am attached to it, it is really important to me not to lose it. This ring is ... »

  • A special place I will never forget - Niezwykłe miejsce, którego nigdy nie zapomnę

    During our lives we mostly change flats or houses. There are new addresses in our identity cards and nowadays it is not unusual that we do not spend our whole lives in one places as our predecessors. However from my point of view there is always one place that we like the most. A place that stays deep in our memory since it is special, no matter... »

  • A spooky story - Straszne opowiadanie

    It was Halloween and we all got dressed up. We kept on going from house to house, hoping people would open the door. We were quite successful but the evening was ending. Hanna and I, being the oldest ones, divided everything we got justly and gave each of our mates a share. Then we looked at one another and we knew what we wanted to do. We came ... »

  • A story about a journey to Paris - Opowiadanie o podróży do Paryża

    The story I am going to tell, happened last year, during holiday. I passed all my exams, so I thought I definitely deserved some rest, but also some adventure. I have always dreamt about seeing all European countries, but unfortunately I did not have enough money to visit them all. But then had this brilliant idea – I will hitch-hike to Pa... »

  • A story about a strange encounter - Opowiadanie o dziwnym spotkaniu

    On boarding the ship I made my way to the cabin. Having left my luggage there I decided to get to know what the ship looks like. I had never travelled this way before and I was really interested in the way the whole thing worked. At first, I visited the restaurant. To my surprise, the menu wasn’t much different from those in casual restau... »

  • A story about a walk in the mountains - a story about a bear - Opowiadanie o wyprawie w góry - opowiadanie o niedźwiedziu

    It was May, things at school slowed down a bit. Jane and Tom decided to get some rest and fresh air and therefore they booked a room in a hotel in the Alps for a week. They were so happy they could get away from all their problems here in Plymouth. They also wished they would be able to celebrate their second year together in a pleasant way. Bo... »

  • A story about an accident on the road - Opowiadanie o wypadku drogowym

    It was a beautiful but frosty morning. I left my warm, cosy room in order to walk my dog that was barking and whimpering at the same time for about an hour till I eventually decided to enter this land of cold chill that was awaiting me outside. As I had not been to the park for a pretty long period of time, I decided to see if nothing changed si... »

  • A story about an incident during holiday trip - an unexpected event - Opowiadanie o wydarzeniu z wakacji - niespodziewane wydarzenie

    I've been dreaming to visit Spain for ages. Sunny cobbled narrow streets, wonderful old buildings sharing their spirit with you, passionate Spaniards. I've always been attracted to the sunny golden beaches, blue sea and the silent murmur of waves splashing against the shore. At last, my dream has come true. Here I was in the land of ardent flam... »

  • A story about holidays - Opowiadanie o wakacjach

    My longest summer holiday was when I graduated from high school. It was four long months. There's a lot one can do in this time. I decided to travel. My first destination was the country I had always wanted to visit – Finland. Shortly after getting my exams' results, I set off for my dream trip. I chose not to fly but to drive. This way I ... »

  • A story about the adventure of your life - Opowiadanie o największej przygodzie twojego życia

    It is a common truth that each of us is supposed to experience the greatest adventure of his life during holidays. There is a grain of truth in this belief, however it does not have to be like that in each case. Maybe this was not the most unique and special experience of my life or I am an exception of the rule but that really usual rainy and g... »