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My family (description) - Moja rodzina (opis)

My name is Tomasz and I would like to describe my family. My family is really big but what makes it really exceptional is that we all live in one detached house. There are all three generations under one roof, which is not very common any more.

I have two brothers. They are both my age because we are triplets. This is why we are even more similar to each other than 'normal' siblings. We attend the same school altogether but fortunately each of us has his own room.

My parents are in their late forties. They both work professionally. My mother is a teacher in a primary school. She teaches German but she seems to be bored with this job and thinks about becoming a translator. My father is an IT specialist and that is why he spends lots of time in front of his computer.

They are out most of the time so we enjoy the company of our grandparents who live on the first floor of our house. As well grandpa as grandma are retired and do not work anymore. It is amazing but although being in their seventies they are still very active and are hardly able to sit still in one place for a long time. We spend plenty of time together.

My family is really unique and I always miss them when I have to leave the family house for a longer period of time.

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