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A word is a global village. Do you agree and why? (essay) - Świat jest globalną wioską. Czy zgadzasz się i dlaczego? (rozprawka)


We tend to think that less and less people are living in the country. Indeed, during the last century people preferred to move to cities rather than leave them. Lots of villages were simply abandoned since living in a city seemed to be easier and connected with more opportunities. As a result most of us inhabit towns and cities – huge concrete constructions.

We are mostly strangers to each other since it is highly unlikely to get to know so many other inhabitants. However there are people who try to convince us that living in a city we can live in a village as well. They are fond of using a term 'Global Village' which means that nowadays we may be close to each other (like in a village) although the physical distance is substantial. Is the world really a global village?

To some extent, figuratively speaking, the world is such a village. Thanks to modern devices invented during the last decades the distance truly is not as important as it used to be. Thousands of kilometres from each other we can communicate instantly and familiarize with everything that is happening somewhere else at the same moment.

Even though the expression 'Global Village' originally referred to the media it is associated mostly with the World Wide Web (WWW) now. In my opinion...

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