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My dream holidays (description) - Moje wymarzone wakacje (opis)


What would I do, if only I had enough money not to care about how much I would spend? It is as clear as day – I would travel and furthermore I would travel a lot. The only problem I can imagine is that I will run out of time far too early to visit every place on the planet which I would to like to.

My dream holidays would be certainly a trip around the world by every means of transport the mankind have ever created. Is it fun to travel 40 000 kilometres – this is though the length of the Equator – by coach? Of course not! That is why I would appreciate to be given a chance of using as well trains, planes and coaches as hovercrafts, hydrofoils and gliders. It would be an adventure of my life. Europe will be the first continent to explore. Both the South of it and the North. On one hand on a snow scooter in Scandinavia, on the other hand riding a gondola in the Netherlands and in Italy.

I would dream of starting in the North of Europe to reach the Mediterranean and then travel to Africa, where I could see the Pyramids in Egypt while riding a camel. Than using a simple wooden boat and flowing down the Nile I would make effort to reach the Kilimanjaro. The next stop would be probably RSA and the most southward point of Africa. After some time...

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