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Cinema vs theatre - what's better? (essay) - Kino a teatr - co jest lepsze? (esej)


It is a difficult question to answer if it is better to go to the cinema or to the theatre. The main advantage of the theatre is the direct contact with the actor performing his role. Even if you go to see the same play again it will not be the same. However, there are less theatres and the tickets are more expensive as well, one should be smartly dressed, one is not allowed to eat or drink anything during the play – it is demanded that one behaves in a cultural way. The repertory is limited and there are less exciting special effects.

Cinema has many advantages on the other hand, however on condition that the very film is of good quality. The cinema is always somewhere next to you, the tickets are relatively cheap comparing to the theatre’s ones, there are lots of film shows at one day, there is popcorn and cola in offer and you do not have to be dressed in an elegant way.

It is easier to go to the cinema than to go to the theatre. One does not need to book the tickets in advance and if, however, than one can do it via Internet.

I would like to encourage people to go to the theatre as it enriches our mentality, enables us to make the eye contact with the performers and you see the play live, which makes that the actors in the theatre are better...

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