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Advantages and disadvantages of using animals for scientific experimentations (essay) - Wady i zalety robienia testów na zwierzętach (rozprawka)


It may sound peculiar but our attitude towards animals can show whether we act in a humane way or not. There are certain groups of people, who try to stress it whenever they can. Thanks to their efforts, many people have become aware of the fact that such an issue exists. The cruelty to animals, although quite common in many areas, ought not to be regarded as something casual. For instance, in Polish law animals may be treated as victims. One might be  sentenced to two years in prison for violence against them.

However, there are some situations, in which being cruel to animals is not treated as an offence. It is commonly thought that in certain circumstances we can justify such behaviour. It refers mostly to scientific experiments, in which animals are often being killed or at least severely hurt. The activists fighting for animals’ rights demand changes but it does not seem that their opinion will soon be the prevailing one. Scientific experiments are still considered extremely useful (the results of some save people’s lives) but can be dangerous for one’s health. Sometimes may even lead to death and therefore experimenting on men is forbidden. Instead of people then, scientists experiment on animals. Should such practice be prohibited?


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